A note from the FOE3054 Webmaster…

I’ve added a new feature to the website, on a trial basis.  Most of the left side of  the front page now shows the FOE3054 Facebook feed.  You can also see a full page of just the Facebook feed (see the link in the menu on the left).

I’m still playing around with the page layout to make this a bit more useable and mobile-friendly, while providing access to both the feed and the web site’s own posts.

Why are we doing this?

  • We can now provide access to the FOE3054 Facebook feed without needing a Facebook account.
  • The Facebook feed is more frequently updated, move visual, and often contains news items that are not on the web site.  (When someone sends something to webmaster@foe3054.org, I post it on the site.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens.)

Please let me know what you think.

Auxiliary Dues Changes

A note from Auxiliary Secretary Donna Dunning:

The Auxiliary is raising their dues this year.  ALL dues, whether BENEFIT or NON-BENEFIT will be $30.00.  The only exceptions will be Golden Eagles or anyone that is paid until a future year.

As the signs at the club point out, if you pay before March 26th, your name will go into a barrel and you would have a chance at $100.00.

This year dues are due May 31st, but you only have until July 1st to pay this year. If you haven’t paid by July 1st, Grand Aerie will automatically drop you. I have NO control over it.


New Joker Poker rules + New Queen Of Hearts Game!

Joker Poker was finally hit last week so the new Joker Poker game, held each Thursday at 7pm sharp, will begin this Thursday, February 15, 2018.

  • Pot starts at $3000 and capped at $10,000 – plays until it hits
  • Raffle tickets to enter are $1 each and go on sale (Thursdays only) at approximately 6pm and close at approximately 6:55pm
  • You must be over 21 and be a member of FOE #3054 to play

See all the rules here.


NEW GAME…Queen of Hearts! (Similar to Joker Poker except with 52 cards and Queen of Hearts is the big winner.)

Game will begin Saturday, February 17th, 2018 with drawing at 2pm sharp and each Saturday thereafter until it hits.

  • Pot starts at $2000 and capped at $5,000
  • Raffle tickets to enter are $1 each
  • Open to ALL current Eagle members over 21 with current membership cards

See all the rules here.

About our new Web Site


This new site contains all of the content from the old site, but more organized, in a more pleasing format.

If, for any reason, you wish to view the old site, you may do so here.

It’s WordPress!

The new site uses WordPress software, a hugely popular content management system (CMS). A CMS makes it easy for people to add or change content without having to know anything about web design or technology. Even people who understand the technology very well choose to use a CMS because it is faster and less error-prone than doing everything from scratch.

The old site used Yahoo SiteBuilder, which is obsolete, half-baked, and very difficult to use. The new site is still hosted by Yahoo, but we can maintain the site without having to interact with Yahoo’s poor tools.

Cool Features

With WordPress we get some more site features right from the start:

  • You can comment on posts
  • The whole site is searchable
  • You can sign up for the newsletter mailing list
  • You can subscribe to receive email when the site is updated

Where To Next?

Now that the site is in WordPress, we can add content more frequently. When I say “we”, I mean club officers, trustees, employees, and other responsible volunteers such as myself. When I say “content”, I mean any of the following:

  • News items. Just like the newsletter items, but can be posted more frequently and corrected when necessary.
  • Useful info. For example, I made a roster of club officers, and pages about regularly scheduled meals and gaming. (Yes, this info is in the newsletter also.)
  • Links to other places. For example, I have posted links to galleries containing my photos from Officer Installations and Kid’s Christmas Parties.

The Future

We may be able to have an interactive calendar on the site.

We could start to phase out the newsletter in favor of more frequent postings to the site.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Feedback?

Contact Rob Gilde at webmaster@foe3054.org