Weekly/Monthly Deals & Meals!

JAN-15-P1_Page_1_Image_0005$2 Buck Burger Mondays


($1 buck for extra patty)

Cooked up perfectly by our volunteer chefs
(We love our volunteers!)

Taco$2 Taco Thursdays

EVERY THURSDAY 5:30-7:30pm

2 for $3
Taco Salad $5

Joker Poker drawing at 7pm

JAN-15-P1_Page_1_Image_0004Steak Nite

2nd FRIDAY 6-8pm  $11

8 oz. Top Sirloin
With grilled mushrooms & onions, salad, baked potato, vegetable and roll

Chef Dave Rogers and crew 

Prime RibPrime Rib Dinner

4th FRIDAY 6-8pm $13

With salad, baked potato, roll and desert

With Team DePaola/Croomer and crew!

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