Joint State Presidents Visit Success!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the joint State Presidents visit a success!

Thank you to Bruce for making the great dinner, and to Bruce & Rachel for serving the dinner; to Rachel, Jules & Barbara for the wonderful desserts; to Terri for selling dinner tickets; to Gayle & Helen for checking Auxiliary receipts, getting their signatures on sign-in sheets & giving them their name tags; to Helen for making & donating the State Madam President’s corsage; to Chris for hotel reservations, and to Alan for securing new hotel reservations at the last minute for each of the State Presidents; to Bonnie, Mary & Jules for bottle donations to the paddle wheel raffle, and to Jules, Rachel & Mary for helping with the paddle wheel; to Chris & his helpers for setting up the tables & chairs for dinner; to Bonnie, Jules & Mary for decorating & setting the tables; and to all members who participated in the paddle wheel raffle & came to the great dinner! If we forgot someone, we apologize & please know that we thank you too!

Thank you all so much! It takes a village!


Chris Freid & Mary Carter, Vice Presidents & co- chairs for this event.


Thank you Todd Shelver for the great and generous paint job on our Ladies Restroom and more! Greatly appreciated!

A big thank you to Corrie Gregson for all her hard work and creativity in decorating and organizing our Valentine’s celebration and music! And to everyone who jumped in to provide help and great food!

HUGE THANKS to all who pulled together an awesome “Thanksgiving” potluck for Super Bowl Sunday!

Chili Cook-off Cooked!

Thank you Sam and Krystal Payzer for another amazing event! From Krystal’s post:

2023 Huge success! I could not have done it without the help of our wonderful team! Thank you to everyone that came, made chili, ate chili, voted on chili! But most importantly thanks for donating to two amazing causes!

DAWN, which supports women that need assistance and support from domestic violence & Passados Safe Haven that protects animals from abuse.

We sold 94 dinners! The complete proceeds after expenses came to $840!

20 Chili’s folks yes 20! Congrats to the three winners! Mikel Rogers, Redge Lowery, and Amy/Kirk!