Pay Membership Dues Online – ISSAQUAH AERIE #3054 MEMBERS ONLY!

Per our Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie, all Membership Dues are due by May 31 each year. If not paid by July 1, you will automatically be dropped by the Grand Aerie.

You can now pay your membership dues online! The amounts shown include $1-2 fee to cover transaction costs. NOTE: Auxiliary members may NOT pay online.

This service is provided for Issaquah Eagles FOE #3054 members only! If you belong to a different aerie, you must pay your dues directly to them.

If you are not a member, and are interested in joining the Issaquah Eagles, please check follow instructions here.

Dual-Aerie members (who have #3054 as their second aerie) may pay the second-aerie dues by selecting the appropriate membership type in the form below.

When you press the “Pay Now” button, you can pay with a credit card or with a PayPal account. No PayPal account is required.

Membership Types – select from list:
Card Mailed or Held for Pick Up? – select from list:
Full Name
GAID# (Look on your membership card)

One you pay, your dues are deposited directly to the club’s account and your club secretary will automatically be notified and will issue your new membership card, just as if you had paid in person or by mail.

If you prefer to pay by check, please follow the instructions on the How To Pay Your Annual Dues By Check page.

How to tell if you are a Benefit Member:
Look at your membership card.  On the left side below “GAID:”, it will say BENEFIT MEMBER” if you are one, and it won’t if you’re not. All new members, as of several years ago, are Non-Benefit Members.