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Editor’s Note: “This Week At The Club” is updated every Thursday (or when someone sends in news/event), and also sent out to the Eagles mailing list. If you have events coming up, please send them to by midnight Wednesday for inclusion here.  Remember to include dates, times and other specifics (costs, menu, benefit/charity name, volunteer needs, etc.), so it is all ready to be added to the site and weekly emails.  

Renew your membership by May 31

This is a reminder that all Eagles memberships must be renewed by May 31.  You can renew your membership by paying your dues.  All members are encouraged to renew their dues before May 31 to avoid the possibility of losing their membership status for 2020-2021 Fraternal year.

The Grand Aerie would like you to know:
Those who have not paid by May 31 will have 30 days to renew or they risk losing their access to protection through the Fraternal Order of Eagles Memorial Foundation, access to membership benefit savings on car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, car rentals, hotels, cruises, identity theft protection, and more.

Issaquah Aerie #3054 Members

       ($2 surcharge applies)

    Please see instructions.

Issaquah Auxiliary Members

    Please see instructions.

If you are an AUXILIARY member who has mailed in your dues but have not yet received your new card, please be patient. Our Club is currently closed due to Covid-19 guidelines and our Officers are volunteers who are also being affected by the current “Shelter-in-place” restrictions. Cards will get mailed out as soon as they can get processed. Your cards are not needed until June 1. When the Club re-opens, if you have still not received your new card, you can stop by or call (425) 392-6751 and leave your name for the Auxiliary Secretary.

NOTE: Aerie members who have been receiving their cards are due to our Aerie Secretary having to be onsite more often in order to maintain other Club business required during this time.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing everyone soon again.