This Week At The Club




Big Big Thank you to all members for stepping up and helping with the functions! Its making a difference.  Lets keep the momentum going!


Do A Dinner:  Cook your favorite casserole, chili, soup, spaghetti, etc.  We need to fill up Friday dinner nights with people that like to cook or help cook.  Please Please pick a Friday night  and cook a dinner to help support YOUR club.  Every little bit helps.

Ask any Officer, Trustee, member or your bartender how you can make a difference and support our Club! We love our volunteers!

Thank you for your continued Eagle membership, support & participation!

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Editor’s Note: “This Week At The Club” is updated every Thursday (or when someone sends in news/event), and also sent out to the Eagles mailing list. If you have events coming up, please send them to by midnight Wednesday for inclusion here.  Remember to include dates, times and other specifics (costs, menu, benefit/charity name, volunteer needs, etc.), so it is all ready to be added to the site and weekly emails.  


Robin Spicer wanted to thank:

  • Dan Harkey for his contributions of all the popcorn and popcorn flavorings he donates
  • New member “Captain Kirk” for his donation of the new fryer – allowing our Club to now offer French Fries with burgers on Thursdays and for other events
  • Rob Gilde for donating sound mixer to the Club for Open Mic, karaoke and other entertainment events
  • Rob Gilde and Leesa Nelson for keeping our website and Facebook page current and a-rockin’!
  • Dan Harkey for monthly Club and Bar flyers!

Latest Club Info

Aerie Secretary Gerri Patrick writes:

If you want to make a difference or see changes around the club, come in with ideas to make changes happen. The Grand Aerie has shared some information on an “Under 35 Club“. If any of you have children, we have information on how to set up a Junior Organization.

And last but not least, upcoming nominations will be taking place on April 24, 2019. Please take a look at the Aerie Officer Duties or Auxiliary Officer Duties, and consider becoming an officer.

Spaghetti Dinner Success!

Club News
from Sisters Jo Ann, Phyllis, and Janice

With help from Aerie Trustees David Rogers and John Schneider, the club raised $400.

Thanks to all who came and ate, and those who generously donated money to the cause.

We encourage others to put on dinners or functions. We have along way go to pay the property Taxes. KEEP the DOORS OPEN!


Connie Sullivan writes:

I want to send kudos to Gerri Patrick for stepping up and filling in for the bartender on a moment’s notice.  Thanks, that was great.  And thanks to Cajun Dave for following up to fill in, as well.