Club Status


The sooner all Eagle members get their COVID shot,
the sooner we can get back to normal!

If you have not been vaccinated, please be considerate of everyone else and continue to wear a mask.

Wear a mask whenever you inside and not seated at a table.

We want to stay open for our members,
so please come on down, support your club, and do it safely!

Returns soon!

This Week At The Club



  • Sun
    11am-4pmIn the club's back lot

    The picnic is for members and their immediate family.
    Hosted by the club to say "thank you" to our members.

    Salad and Dessert Pot Luck.
    The club will provide beverages and the Protein.

    Parking will be available at the Library and any open spots along front street. It is on a Sunday so we should be able to accommodate everyone.

    Look for volunteer sign up sheets to be posted at the club in the near future.


  • Sat


    More details soon.

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Editor’s Note: “This Week At The Club” is updated every Thursday (or when someone sends in news/event), and also sent out to the Eagles mailing list. If you have events coming up, please send them to by midnight Wednesday for inclusion here.  Remember to include dates, times and other specifics (costs, menu, benefit/charity name, volunteer needs, etc.), so it is all ready to be added to the site and weekly emails.  

Doggy Crackdown!

These rules have been posted on the wall for 3+ years but they are now being enforced. It’s been a dog fest of late. And frankly – per earlier and posted signage, dogs are not allowed in Beer Garden when food is being grilled/served – per WA State Health Dept.