Eagles member diagnosed with COVID-19


Jan and Dave

Jan Gustafson asked us to notify our members that her husband David Gustafson has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, COVID-19.  He has returned home from  Swedish Hospital and is recovering well.  Jan says he is feeling good! [update as of 3/27]


David attended two of the most recent events at Issaquah Eagles before we closed down:

He was at Joker Poker on Thursday, March 12.
He was at Steak Night on Saturday, March 14.

David was admitted to the hospital 8 days later on March 22.  That means that David may have been unknowingly infected with the virus when he visited the club. 


2020-2021 Aerie/Auxiliary Officer & Trustee Positions


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This is your opportunity to contribute more to our Club and be part of the leadership & decision making process!


See any current Officer or Trustee for more information or leave your nomination(s) with the bartender.  For more info on duties/responsibilities see Aerie Officer Duties or Auxiliary Officer Duties.

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Doggy Crackdown!

These rules have been posted on the wall for 3+ years but they are now being enforced. It’s been a dog fest of late. And frankly – per earlier and posted signage, dogs are not allowed in Beer Garden when food is being grilled/served – per WA State Health Dept.