House Rules

        ISSAQUAH F.O.E. 3054

            AS AMENDED DECEMBER 27, 2006


           ISSAQUAH, WA. 98027 (425) 392-6751

                                      I. RULE 1
The trustees shall have control of the Aerie home under the direction of the Aerie and shall
employ a Head Steward to manage the operations and employees of the social and buffet

                                     II. RULE 2
The Trustees have control of the maintenance and operation of the club and buffet rooms and shall strictly enforce all rules governing the premises and the conduct of members thereon through the immediate supervision of the Head Steward and the steward on duty, who shall have full power in connection therewith. The Trustees shall act only as a board, and all actions shall be in writing and the Chairman of the Board shall be spokesman in all matters.

                                    III. RULE 3
The social and buffet rooms shall be opened and closed provided by the Board of Trustees, and never in violation of the rules and regulations of the state of Washington Liquor Control Board. The hours set by the Board of Trustees are minimum hours, requiring 8 members or more and the discretion of the Steward on duty to remain open.

                                  III.I. RULE 3.1
The social and buffet rooms shall remain open to the membership at all times with the
following exceptions.
1. Annual club picnic
2. New Year’s Eve party at such time as determined by the chairperson.
3. Thanksgiving Day
4. Christmas Day
All other closures will have to be voted on by the Aerie with a two Aerie meetings notice to the membership required.

                                  III.I. RULE 3.2
The Friday preceding Christmas shall be reserved for the annual kid’s Christmas party. The Saturday preceding Christmas shall be reserved for the annual Tom & Jerry party. The club rooms shall not be rented to anyone on these dates.

                                   IV. RULE 4
Intoxication, indulgence in profane, vile, or boisterous language on the part of members or
visitors while on the Aerie home is prohibited. Repeat violators shall be asked to leave, and members shall be referred to the Board of Trustees for disciplinary action as provided in Section 89.3 of the Constitution and Statutes F.O.E.. Violence or the destruction of property in the Aerie home by any member or visitor shall result in their immediate removal from the club or buffet rooms, by the local law enforcement agency if required, and referral of the incident to the Board of Trustees for disciplinary actions as provided by Section 89.3 of the Constitution and Statutes F.O.E., and/or preferring charges of conduct unbecoming an Eagle at the next Aerie meeting.

                                  V. RULE 5
Any member delinquent in dues shall lose all club and buffet room privileges until restored to good standing. Any member dropped from membership for non-payment of dues shall not be permitted to be signed in as a visitor for a period of six months from the date of delinquency.

                                 VI. RULE 6
No person under the age of 21 shall be allowed in the bar or dance floor areas except for
special events, i.e. funeral, wake, wedding reception, or special shows and then only with prior approval by the Board of Trustees.
Entrance to other areas of the Aerie home by persons under 21 years of age, except for minor aged members, shall be at the discretion of the Steward on duty, but only while such persons are under the direct supervision of the parent or legal guardian.

                                VII. RULE 7
All visitors must be introduced and signed in the register provided, by a member in good
standing of the Aerie or Auxiliary who shall be responsible for their conduct, A visitor may be deemed such without regard to his place of residence and may enjoy the privileges of the club up to six times in any one calendar year except the members of
Such community service organizations as the Lion’s Club and VFW who regularly hold their meetings in the Aerie home be admitted as visitors up to 2 times per month on their  regular meeting days. Guest passes for a period not to exceed two weeks will be issued by the Board of Trustees.

                              VIII. RULE 8
Any member in good standing in any subordinate Aerie or Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles may enjoy the privileges of the club or buffet rooms, subject to the provisions of these rules, by exhibiting their official receipt.

                                IX. RULE 9
No refreshment shall be sold or served except on payment of cash and then only in the club room, buffet room or such other place provided for such service. In no case shall any person under the age of 21 be sold or allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage on the premises or at Eagle functions. No alcoholic beverage may be consumed on the premises unless purchased thereon and no alcoholic beverage purchased on the premises may be removed there from.

                                X. RULE 10
All applicable federal laws, state laws, Grand Aerie statutes, Grand Aerie regulations shall be enforced at all times.

                               XI. RULE 11
All members and visitors shall, in the opinion of the Steward on duty, be dressed in a clean and presentable manner in keeping with the time of day and the activities then occurring in the Aerie home. In no case shall anyone in work boots or such like footwear be permitted on the dance floor.

                              XII. RULE 12
N.S.F. checks will no longer be re-deposited for collection. A service charge as established by the Board of Trustees according to the Revised Code of Washington will be charged to each N.S.F. check. Service charges must be collected before bar service will be resumed. Upon receipt of the third N.S.F. check, check cashing privileges for that account and/or individual will 1be revoked.

                             XIII. RULE 13
Any Aerie or Auxiliary money raising function utilizing the kitchen facility, shall be charge twenty dollars ($20.00) rental to help offset overhead costs, This rental may be waived, upon request, by the Aerie Board of Trustees only. The Aerie in session shall have no vote on the waiver of the
rental fee.

                             XIV. RULE 14
Rent for the Issaquah 3054 Auxiliary shall be zero dollars ($0.00) per month. This shall entitle the Auxiliary to full use of the social rooms of the Aerie, provided they must have their schedule of events to use the Aerie home approved by the Board of Trustees.

                              XV. RULE 15
Fund raising devices will not be allowed to be used in the Aerie home, either mechanical or
electronic, The only devices that will be allowed shall be those under direct sponsorship of the Aerie or Auxiliary and as provided by a vote of the Aerie.

                             XVI. RULE 16
No vehicle will be parked in the Eagles Parking Lot longer than 1 week for members/2 weeks for guests of members without the approval of the Board of Trustees. Once a member or guest have stayed the allotted time they may not re-park in the lot until they have been gone at least two weeks.

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