Joint State Presidents Visit Success!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the joint State Presidents visit a success!

Thank you to Bruce for making the great dinner, and to Bruce & Rachel for serving the dinner; to Rachel, Jules & Barbara for the wonderful desserts; to Terri for selling dinner tickets; to Gayle & Helen for checking Auxiliary receipts, getting their signatures on sign-in sheets & giving them their name tags; to Helen for making & donating the State Madam President’s corsage; to Chris for hotel reservations, and to Alan for securing new hotel reservations at the last minute for each of the State Presidents; to Bonnie, Mary & Jules for bottle donations to the paddle wheel raffle, and to Jules, Rachel & Mary for helping with the paddle wheel; to Chris & his helpers for setting up the tables & chairs for dinner; to Bonnie, Jules & Mary for decorating & setting the tables; and to all members who participated in the paddle wheel raffle & came to the great dinner! If we forgot someone, we apologize & please know that we thank you too!

Thank you all so much! It takes a village!


Chris Freid & Mary Carter, Vice Presidents & co- chairs for this event.

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